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Secure.motion Hosting is a leading linux shared hosting provider, offering phpWebSite hosting since 2001, as well as a wide range of complete internet based business solutions. We can provide you with a full range of phpWebSite hosting based on the web services platforms, including, but not limited to: registration, renewal and domain transfers, digital certificates for e-commerce, as well as web design. Our web hosting plans cover the requirements of even the most demanding customers from the web professionals, through the small businesses and even the large business corporations requiring features such as hosting of several domains (multiple domain hosting), e-commerce, free domain registrations, etc. Web hosting is just the corner stone for your professional internet presence. We can assist you in building your complete internet presence - from the web hosting & e-mail services to the development of your web site and its support.

personal Starter phpWebSite hosting



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  • 100 MB disk space.
  • 10 mail boxes.
  • 1000 MB monthly bandwidth.
  • FrontPage extensions.
  • WAP hosting.
  • Anti-vurus protection.
  • SPAM filters and protection.
  Prices starting from $3.75/monthly
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small Business phpWebSite hosting



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  • 450 MB disk space.
  • Unlimited mail boxes.
  • 7000 MB monthly transfer.
  • CPanel control panel.
  • 1 additional domain.
  • 15 sub-domains.
  • Supports PHP4, PHP5, Perl.
  • Python, Ruby, CGI.
  • Drupal enabled hosting.
  • MySQL database.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • Spam filter and protection.
  Prices starting from - $4.99/monthly
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website Complete phpWebSite hosting



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  • 1500 MB disk space.
  • Unlimited e-mail boxes.
  • 15000 MB monthly transfer.
  • Free domain registration.
  • CPanel hosting panel.
  • 2 additional domains.
  • 30 sub-domains.
  • Supports: PHP4, PHP5, Perl
  • Python, Ruby, CGI.
  • Drupal enabled hosting.
  • 33 MySQL databases.
  • E-mail anti-virus protection.
  • Spam protection and filtering.
  Prices starting from - $6.99/monthly
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Secure.motion Hosting offers high quality and professional phpWebSite hosting. We offer web hosting plans suitable for small and large businesses as well as for professional use. Our hosting solutions are web services based and we also offer domain registrations, domain transfers and renewals. Our low prices do not indicate lower quality, but we rather make a better usage of the available technologies and process organization, which enables us to significantly lower the prices of our phpWebSite hosting. All of our customers can take advantage of our 24/7 support services. You can always rely on our services and be sure that you have chosen the right linux shared hosting provider for you business or personal needs.


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