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Frequently asked questions about our services

One of the reasons why most of our new customers are referred by previous customers is the excellent level of support we provide. Unlike most companies who respond within 2-3 days or never respond at all to support issues, we take this very very seriously. Most of the support issues will be resolved within a few hours from posting them.

If you are an existing customer of Motion Hosting, please login to your Control Panel and click on the "Submit support request" link. We have a dedicated support system and dedicated support staff, who will take care of your issues immediately. Please do not submit support issues directly to our e-mail address, as this will result in a slow down in your response!

Question: Do you provide web based interface for accessing e-mail accounts?

Answer: Yes, there is a nice webmail interface available for all e-mail accounts. It provides standard features sucha as: reading e-mail, replying, forwarding, composing a new e-mail, address book, folders, settings. No need to install or setup anything.

Question: Will my e-mail accounts support the IMAP protocol in addition to POP3?

Answer: Yes, all e-mail accounts support the IMAP protocol, as well as secure POP3 and secure IMAP.

Question: Can I set up mail forwards and/or auto responders for e-mail accounts?

Answer: Yes, all e-mail accounts can have their own mail forwards, auto responders, filters, spam protection, etc.

Question: Do I get personalized SMTP and POP3 servers?

Answer: Yes, your SMTP and your POP3 servers will be the same as your domain name, e.g. if your domain name is - these will be your SMTP and POP3 servers.

Question: Does your site display advertising banners when my site is viewed?

Answer: No, we will never display on your site anything else, apart from your own site!

Question: Will I be able to setup .htaccess files for different directories?

Answer: Yes, you can set up .htaccess files for as many directories as you like.

Question: How many mySQL databases will I have access to?

Answer: For each domain or sub-domain added to your account, you will get a seperate mySQL database if your hosting plan provides MySQL support.

Question: Do you provide SSH access?

Answer: Yes, if your hosting plan supports it you will have access to a jailShell.

Question: Can you actually prove that your up time is really over 99%?

Answer: Yes, we are monitored 24 hours a day by an independent monitoring service ( Check our servers up-time to verify our reliability.

Question: I would like to see customer ratings about your services. Do you provide such information?

Answer: Yes, you can view some customer ratings regarding our services from an independent source. Click here to view testimonials and customer ratings.

Question: If I leave your hosting company, may I keep the free domain name?

Answer: Yes, the domain name will be registered in your name and you can keep it if you stop using our services. You will have to arrange a domain transfer before the domain name expires and will be responsible for domain renewals after leaving us.

Question: How long is the "free" domain registration good for?

Answer: You will enjoy free domain name (if you signed up for the apppriate hosting plan) as long as you host with us. Your account must be signed up or renewed for at least a year, as this is the minimum duration for a domain registration or renewal.

Question: I'm a musician. Can I upload mp3 files on my web hosting account?

Answer: Anyone can upload mp3 files to their web hosting account, as long as you hold the copyright for the music, or you have permission from the copyrights holder to distribute the music over the internet.

Question: Do I get some sort of web based access to mySQL?

Answer: Yes, every database can be managed using the industry standard web based application PHPMyAdmin.

Question: When I register a domain name with you, who owns it?

Answer: The information that you enter upon signup will be the owner information for the new domain name.

Question: How long does it take for my domain name to go live after registering it?

Answer: Usually the domain name will be live in less than 24 hours, but sometimes due to heavy worldwide internet traffic can take up to 72 hours.

Question: What type of domains can you host? Is it only .com, .net, .org?

Answer: No, we can host any type of domain name, including (but not limited to):, .cc, .be, .de, .us, etc.

Question: How to switch from any web hosting company to you?

Answer: First of all you will need to signup for a new hosting account with us. Prior to your signup you will receive a welcome e-mail containing all the necessary information. You will need to update your DNS servers with your current domain name registrar to point to our DNS servers contained in the welcome e-mail and upload your site to the new hosting account.

Question: Will my site be down during the switch? Will I lose mail?

Answer: When the InterNIC updates the root servers pointing your domain to our servers, all new visitors will come to your new site and so will your mail. Some visitors who have cached your old IP address will continue to visit and send mail to your old site for one to two days after the DNS records change. Therefore you have to keep your existing web site and mail service with your current host for 3-4 more days after you've moved your web files to our server. This will ensure a smooth transition without down time. Also be sure to check your old mailbox during this time and you won't lose any mail.

Question: Can I upload my site via a web based file manager?

Answer: Yes, once you log in to your control panel, you will have access to a user friendly file manager.

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